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HTML5 Website Builder
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  • Absolute customization of the website for Artists, Bands & DJs
  • Fast and easy-to-learn technique
  • Specialized formatting of text on images
  • Ability to substantially modify templates
  • Experiment, change colors, fonts style and size – have fun!
  • Enhance content with the creation of new tabs; include a Rider, set list, stage plot,
  • Create a landing page which opens with a 3D logo or video – create what you dream

Limitless Possibilities’

HTM5 Builder for $8

The very definition of an Artist is: one who professes and practices an imaginative art. Put your imagination to work - simply upgrade from the FREE Plan to the PRO Plan and for $8 a month, amongst other things, gain access to the HTML5 Website Builder. Play around, change fonts, backgrounds, add pages, what ever you dream up - you can now do yourself. Just like in the world of Artists, Bands & DJs – create what you dream!