Edward and Debbie Smith give new meaning to the term “Power Couple” with a foundation built on their belief in God; they enthusiastically embrace their mission to help others reach their full potential in life. Edward and Debbie are business partners, friends and lovers. Together they are raising three children while building two businesses, leading out in Couples’ Ministry in their church, and growing as Relationship Educators, Life Navigators.
Edward and Debbie are authors of two books, “The 5 Star Marriage. The 5 Star Husband/Wife.” Shortly after the books were placed on Amazon, The 5 Star Husband/Wife climbed to the fourth Position, placing The Smiths on the Amazon best seller list.
THE SMITHS understand the devastating effect of divorce from their personal experiences. Because of this, they are determined to become champions for successful marriages! They understand that strong marriages lead to strong children and families, which lead to strong churches, which lead to strong communities.
THE SMITHS enjoy doing all things together. They often travel from state to state speaking to others about entrepreneurship and business ownership. They both have a passion for families and enjoy facilitating workshops and retreats for couples and families. As life Navigators, they are committed to helping others aim higher and reach further. THE SMITHS have a big vision for the future. It is a vision that involves helping as many people as they can develop a progressive mindset so they can live life to the fullest potential. It is a vision they fully plan on realizing because ALL things are possible with God!





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