In autumn 1992 singer and keyboardist Boris Brosowski started the solo project CREAM8. Named after the license plate of a hearse in Rupert Thomson's "The Five Gates of Hell". In 1993 the first release of The Crimson Dance E.P. on a 7 "vinyl record, was published by Boris' own label resurrec. At the same time, the tape label Beton Tapes releases the album Enhanced.

After finishing the recordings for The Crimson Dance, guitarist Sascha Lecher joins. Together the CD The Emerald Touch (S.O.D./SPV) is recorded in the Euskirchen studio of the band The House of Usher. The opener of the album Water Feels so Comfortably Warm can also be found on the well-respected German Mystic Sound Sampler CD by Zillo magazine and became a popular hit. The line-up for the first tour in 1994/95 was completed by bass player Jochen Autschbach.

With the renaming to Cream VIII, the solo project becomes a band around Brosowski, Lecher and Autschbach. 1997 and 1998 the second album Touching Ground is recorded. This includes the cooperation  Cernata Semja with  the Macedonian band Kismet about Brosowski's experiences during his one-year stay in Bulgaria. The band performs various concerts in Belgium and Germany, joined by Sascha Klein on guitar. A concert in Eeklo, Belgium was released as Forgiven Live. When Jochen Autschbach left in 1999, the group fell apart.

In 2004 Boris Brosowski recorded new songs for Cream VIII in his own studio, and both Sascha Lecher and Sascha Klein participated. The band got a record deal with the independent label Sonorium. In addition to the third regular album Wintertime (German Metal Rock Charts highest position pos. 24, German Alternative Charts highest position pos. 7), the band released a Best-Of-CD Past to the Past and the recording of an acoustic concert from the same year under the title Bare. A tour followed, which included German as well as English (London, Brighton, Leeds) gigs. The opening act for Cream VIII on this tour was Devilish Presley. In 2005 there was a complete change of the band, which now appeared in the lineups Brosowski, Lecher, Sonntag, Krötz and Schwipperich. At the end of 2006 the group again fell apart.

From 2008, Cream VIII consisted of Brosowski and Sonntag. A new E.P. was published called "F-Nord". The duo no longer performed live.

In May 2018, Boris recorded and published the song "This Burning" on youtube. Critics attested again "a skillful blend of cold, clinical noir drama between the sounds of the Gothic founders and the modern dark wave ..." (

End of 2019, Boris provided two new songs to the album "Where are the Young Men", compiled by Jörg Kleudgen of THE HOUSE OF USHER. This led to a cooperation and production of more songs.

In 2020 a new album "The Keloidal Smile" was released via as was the complete back-catalogue of the band.


Physical Releases:

1993 Enhanced (MC Beton Tapes BT 055) (available now as part of the "From Spark To Flame" digitally on bandcamp)

1993 The Crimson Dance E.P. (7" resurrec. 017) (rereleased on bandcamp)

1994 The Emerald Touch (CD SPV 84-23622-CD) (rerelased on bandcamp)

1998 Touching Ground (CD resurrec. 020) (rereleased on bandcamp)

1999 Forgiven Live (CD resurrec. 021) (rereleased on bandcamp)

2004 Wintertime (CD sonorium /sxdistribution SXD-708) (bandcamp)

2004 Past to the Past (Best of) (CD resurrec. 023/sxdistribution SXD-707)

2005 Bare Live (resurrec.  024) (bandcamp)


Digital only Releases:

2007 F-Nord (resurrec. / bandcamp)

2020 Spark to Flame (Demos 1992) (resurrec. / bandcamp)

2020 These Weapons (single)

2020 Live Impregnation 1994 (resurrec. / bandcamp)

2020 The Keloidal Smile (resurrec./bandcamp)

2020 Intolerance 2000 (resurrec./bandcamp)


  • cream8 will release a full new tape-album called "valid" in 2021. 

    cream8 did release two tape albums in 1993 together with "The Crimson Dance" 7". Inspired by remastering these for the "Spark to Flame" release on Bandcamp 2020, the decision was made to release a 3rd and final tape album. (Hence the name of tha band will be cream8 and not CREAMVIII).

    It will be something valid. Songs exclusively recorded for this album. These songs will never be published anywhere else in any form. The complete production will be 100% analog. The inlay will be hand-printed from a carved copper plate. Thus only a issue of 50pcs (40 to sale) will be made. All signed and numbered and personalised.

    After the production, the master tapes and plates will be burnt.



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