Nanji is an artist with a focus on blending the melodic textures of R&B with the timeless energy of hip-hop. Recently, he took to the web to release a brand new single, “Tonight”. The new project stretches out towards different directions, highlighting the artist’s incredibly remarkable artistic versatility. One of the most distinctive perks of this release is the high quality of the production. The sound is very haunting and all-encompassing, yet it has a warm, organic and down-to-earth attitude, which really showcases the “human element” of the material. Unlike many releases in this particular genre, “Tonight” is far from becoming a collection of the usual cliches, readymade presents, and recycled thoughts. A lot of heart went into the making of these songs, and the reward is a much more intriguing listening experience. If you enjoy the work of artists the likes of Travis Scott, Migos and Young Thug, you are certainly going to enjoy what you hear now.
Learn more about Nanji, and do not miss out on “Tonight” as well as other releases from this talented artist.



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    Come see watch Nanji perform live at Nirvana located in Louisville, KY

    09:00:00 PM

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    Union Station Night Club

    Live at Union Station!

    09:00:00 PM

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    Union Station Nightclub

    10:00:00 PM

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